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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sleeveless Blazer DIY

Yesterday, I took an an InStyle DIY project on: create a sleeveless blazer with an over sized men's suit jacket. The project was supposed to be simple: just cut the sleeves off! No...that wasn't happening. I griped about it on my Facebook page. I actually ruined the first hounds tooth men's blazer and that was simply because I followed the advice in the DIY, lol. (No offense to InStyle). Good thing it was only $1.59! I would not recommend that project unless you sew and are comfortable with at least a basic hemming stitch. Also, my advice would be to choose a lighter jacket, as a more bulky men's jacket (as advised) will be harder to hem and also (in my opinon) does not fit as well, even when belted. The other problem is bigger and more deeply sewn shoulder pads. As far as the "jacket down", I will be using the fabric from that for other look for up-cycled hounds tooth in the future! :)
IF you wanted to do a men's jacket WITHOUT sewing, in my opinion, a better option might be to buy a small one, remove just the shoulder pads, and then try a 3/4 length sleeve, and maybe even "cinch" it. Then adding a feminine brooch or a belt might create an overall edgy, yet feminine, look.
So...back to jacket story. I bought a second thrift jacket, a women's jacket, that was closer to my size. Cut the sleeves off, double and top-hemmed hemmed them, added a cinch in the back, embellishments on the shoulder, and vintage abalone buttons all around!

This was the result! I think I will wear this belted with maybe black leggings/pants. I have a super cute mustard yellow beret that would look great with it. More on that later! Overall, this project took about an hour and was at a beginner sewing level.

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